At Friesian we make
long-term investments
in Australian business

Friesian businesses

Friesian McColl’s

At Friesian McColl’s we move milk from farms to factories and dairy products between factories.


Friesian Industrial

At Friesian industrial we run specialist logistics tasks for our clients.

Bulk chemicals division

We use our large fleet of tankers to move industrial chemicals between factories and to mining sites.

Specialised logistics division

We invest in dedicated equipment to perform specific duty cycles for a contracted period. In these cases we usually co-invest with our clients in a joint venture structure to build efficient infrastructure as well as suitable equipment.


Friesian Services

At Friesian Services we offer support services to milk processors.

Around factories

  • Dairy product balancing
  • Inter-factory liquid product transfers
  • CIP tanker washing
  • Trade waste treatment
  • Industry back-loading optimisation
  • Skills training
  • Skilled labour management

Around farms

  • Regional milk consolidation
  • Farm milk collection
  • Business systems
  • Farmer inputs


About Friesian

Friesian is an Australian-based investment club with a focus on investments serving the dairy industry. Our members are respected business people in different sectors who take a long-term view of company building.


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